ith the SKILLER SGS20 there is now an affordable chair with a particularly large seat base and the expected high quality of a Sharkoon gaming chair. Its comfortable upholstery allows you to sit for hours without interruption. By relieving pressure on the spine, the headrest and lumbar cushions support the back and neck and thus promote a healthy posture when sitting. The robust frame and the class-4 gas lift piston ensure a stable hold in hectic situations.
Classic Leather Look

With a cover made of robust synthetic leather, the SKILLER SGS20 can be easily integrated into the study or office room at home. The contour seams and color highlights on the backrest and seat base provide color accents to the chair. Even small cleaning work on the synthetic leather upholstery is no problem: The SGS20 can be easily freed of stains with a damp cleaning cloth.

Lots of Room

Its 55 cm wide seat base offers enough space even for large people who want to make themselves comfortable on their gaming chair.

Especially Ergonomic

The seating height of the SKILLER SGS20 can be effortlessly adjusted to always allow the perfect sitting position. The height and direction of the armrests can also be adjusted in a few simple steps. They can also be moved back and forth. The chair can therefore be adjusted to individual requirements at any time. The headrest and lumbar cushions support the spine by relieving it of pressure when sitting for long periods. This promotes the correct sitting posture and effectively prevents neck and back pain.

Ideal for Relaxation

In addition to the integrated tilt mechanism, the backrest can also be reclined by up to 160 degrees. Together, these functions enable moments of relaxation while taking a short a break before the next gaming session begins.

Weight Capacity up to 120 Kilograms

Thanks to its stable steel frame construction and the class-4 gas lift piston, the SKILLER SGS20 reliably supports a weight of up to 120 kg. It is also suitable for users up to 185 cm in height.